Preservation Jewellery - Flowers & Cremation Ashes

Preserve your beautiful wedding flowers, or your precious ashes in a beautiful real silver ring or matching necklace 🤍 

Choose from 16 different styles of 925 Sterling Silver rings (see supplier photos below). Most ring styles have matching pendants and earrings available, and some styles are also available in solid gold at request.  Rings are made to order and size. Anything can be preserved in the ring, including flowers (wedding or memorial), cremation ashes, hair, breastmilk, clothing etc.

Choose from any colour for the ‘gemstone’ background to be mixed with your ashes or flowers. Jewellery can be made so that ashes and flowers are visible with clear resin, or mixed with colour as a more subtle look.

Instructions for shipping your preservation items such as ashes or flowers to us will be provided after purchase.

If we don’t use all of the cremation ashes sent to us, we will send them back with the completed ring 🤍 

How to purchase

925 Sterling Silver & Solid Gold Jewellery

To purchase a preservation ring or pendant, either for flowers or ashes, please pay a deposit using the booking form linked below. I will then send you instructions for posting your flowers or ashes to me safely.

If you would like other items as well as your ring, such as a resin block, please let me know in the booking form. The final invoice will be sent once the ashes or flowers are received.

All jewellery can be paid for in three instalments, starting with a £40 deposit, and the remaining sum split monthly.

Rings - £130

Earrings - £130

Pendants - £100

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