• 1. Book Your Date

    You can book your place to have your flowers preserved from a wedding or memorial event by paying a £40 non-refundable deposit. Brides and grooms should choose their wedding date on the booking form, and memorial customers should choose the soonest date available after the funeral. 

    Please read in full the information pack you are sent after booking in.

    Book Now 
  • 2. Browse our products, and choose your preservation shapes 

    Please view our available preservation shapes by going to the 2023 Price List. If you'd like to save all or most of your bouquet, I'd always recommend either the 25cm pieces, or a combination of the smaller pieces. I need at least a rough idea of which shapes you'd like by the time the flowers arrive. Please get in touch if you'd like help choosing!

    2023 Price List 
  • 3. Send Us Your Flowers

    Once you've booked in, you'll be sent an information pack with shipping instructions. You'll need to send me the flowers within 1-2 days after the wedding or memorial event. Royal Mail special delivery is strongly recommended.

    If you’re local to Gloucestershire (I'm based in Cheltenham) you can drop off your flowers. If you’re based elsewhere in the UK then posting the flowers is your best option.

  • 4. Pay For Your Order

    Your final invoice will be sent once I receive your flowers. We will discuss which shapes you'd like, and I'll send you the final invoice via email (minus the deposit you paid to book).

    I cannot start making the piece until full payment has been made. You can pay for your order in instalments using KLARNA. 

    More info about KLARNA 
  • 5. Choose Your Design

    Flowers will be set aside to dry.

    Before starting the final piece, I will send you a few design options to choose from. This only applies to block pieces, excluding tealight holders, ring holders and spheres.

    I will try to send designs as soon as possible once they're dry, but please note this may take a few months depending on the number of orders I'm working on.  

  • 6. Waiting List & Colour Correction

    Once dry, your flowers go into a waiting list for the mould shape you've chosen (e.g. 25cm Hexagon). This usually takes a few months as I work through orders placed before yours.

    At this point, your flowers will also be colour corrected and UV protected, ready to go into the resin.

    What is Colour Correction? 
  • 7. Resin Process

    When a mould is free, the resin process starts. All pieces are made in layers, and can take 1-2 months depending on the size of the piece. It's then sanded down, top coated and polished.

    I do not currently give out estimated completion dates as it's too unpredictable, but you can expect your order to be ready within 6-10 months in most cases.

  • 8. Your Order is Posted

    It's finished! Now it will be carefully packed up and posted to you with tracked special delivery.

    I do not give an estimated completion date, but will keep you updated on the process! Please follow our Instagram @elderflowerfern for video updates, and tell us your url to be tagged in posts about your piece! 

  • If you have any questions, please read through our FAQs, and then contact me if you still need help!

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Important Notes

Please note that Elderflower Fern is run by one person (hi, I’m Lorna!) which means there can be delays in the busiest seasons. Every piece is completely unique, and may take longer than expected, which is why I can’t give out expected completion dates. Please don’t expect to have your piece back by a specific deadline. 

I will try my best to keep you updated throughout, but the easiest way to see how your piece is going is to pop me a message via email. I will get back to you with updates and photos as soon as I can. 

All of our preservation pieces are made by hand, and there may be small irregularities in the final piece, such as bubbles. This is unavoidable and will not take away from the beauty of your piece. Don’t worry - I'll never send out a piece that isn’t as close to perfect as it can be! 

Please see my terms and conditions below for more information.