Frequently Asked Questions

How long does flower preservation take?

Once I've received your flowers, I set them aside to dry for 6-8 weeks depending on the type of flower. Once your flowers are dry, they go into a waiting list for an available mould, and then the resin process can start.

I am not currently giving out completion dates as it's too difficult to tell when an order will be finished, and I don't want to confuse people by saying a date and it not being ready by then!

As a guide, the full process takes roughly 6-10 months to complete, with larger pieces or orders with multiple items taking longer than smaller pieces. I can't give an estimated date of completion as every order is unique, and handmade items can be very unpredictable! I know this seems like a long time, but as I work alone this is how long it takes, and you'll have your flowers forever once it's finished!

How do I send you my flowers?

I accept flowers in the post or dropped off in person. At this point in time I do not offer collection unless you're within 30 minutes of my location. If you choose to post your flowers, I will send you a detailed guide to package them and post them safely. 

When should I book?

Ideally bookings should be made roughly 6 months in advance. This ensures that there is space for me to preserve your flowers as I only take on a limited number of bookings each week. Please get in touch if you have left it late, as I may be able to fit you in depending on the date. 

How and when do I pay?

You'll pay a £40 non-refundable deposit to book in your date, and then the final invoice will be due when I receive your flowers.

I know that preservation can be quite expensive, which is why we are partnered with KLARNA so that you can easily pay for your order across three payments. Please see our info page HERE for more information. 

Will my flowers look the same when they're dry?

In all honesty, no! Flowers will change colour when they're dry, particularly red and white flowers. They might also change shape.

However, I do offer colour correction which brings the flowers back to their original colour as much as I can. They might not look exactly the same as when they were fresh, but they'll be as close as I can make them.

Will you use all of my flowers?

This depends the pieces you've chosen. For the larger 25cm pieces, I'll use more flowers than the smaller pieces.

I won't be able to send you any left over flowers, so if there are specific flowers you'd like preserving please let me know so that they're included in your final piece.

Will I be updated throughout the process?

I'll update you at three key points during the process: when I receive your flowers, to sort out your design, and to let you know the order is finished. You can email for updates at other points if you'd like and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

How do I look after my finished piece?

Resin preservation pieces are solid and heavy, and care should be taken not to place them on a surface where they may fall and injure someone. 

The surface of your resin piece can be scratched easily, so we don't recommend using them as surfaces to place things on. 

Leaving your resin piece in direct sunlight can cause the piece to yellow over time. For this reason we don't recommend storing your piece on window sills or other areas which get direct sunlight regularly. 

To polish or dust your piece, take a microfibre cloth and very gently wipe the surface. No cleaning agents are necessary, but if you spill something on the piece warm water should clean it well. 

Does resin yellow over time?

I aim to be completely transparent, which is why I'll never lie and say that resin doesn't yellow. ALL resin will eventually turn amber over time.

However, I use very high quality UV resistant resin which prevents the pieces from yellowing too quickly.

Always keep your pieces out of direct sunlight and UV light. This will help to delay the yellowing process.

Important Notes

Please note that Elderflower & Fern is run by one person (hi, I’m Lorna!) which means there can be delays in the busiest seasons. Every piece is completely unique, and may take longer than expected, which is why I can’t give out expected completion dates. Please don’t expect to have your piece back by a specific deadline. 

I will try my best to keep you updated throughout, but the easiest way to see how your piece is going is to pop me a message via email. I will get back to you with updates and photos as soon as I can. 

All of our preservation pieces are made by hand, and there may be small irregularities in the final piece, such as bubbles. This is unavoidable and will not take away from the beauty of your piece. Don’t worry - I'll never send out a piece that isn’t as close to perfect as it can be! 

Please see my terms and conditions below for more information.