Three reasons why you should preserve your wedding flowers

Three reasons why you should preserve your wedding flowers

1. Price 

After the venue, wedding flowers can be the second most expensive part of your big day! Most people don't realise this, and it's one very good reason to save your flowers instead of throwing them away after the wedding. For a small extra cost (in comparison to the price of the flowers) you can have them forever, as beautiful as they were on your wedding day. 

2. Keepsake

The months leading up to your big day are chaotic. The big day itself is amazing but goes very quickly. Once it's all over, there's not much to remind you of the best day of your life, other than your amazing photography and videos. 

This is why flower preservation can be such a priceless addition to your wedding. Once everything is over, you'll have something you can hold and look at every day to remind you of how brilliant your wedding was. Place your preservation piece as an eye catching piece of decor in your living room to have something to remind you of your wedding every time you see it. 

These pieces are one step better than photos - the flowers were a huge part of the day, and you can have those same flowers saved forever to remind you of your wonderful wedding. 

3. Gifts

Everyone loves flowers, particularly when they're sentimental. Our smaller preservation options are perfect gifts for the mothers of the bride and groom, bridesmaids and maids of honour. A tea light holder filled with your special wedding flowers will remind your family of your special day every time they light a candle in it, and what a great way to thank them for being your rock on the best day of your life. 

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